September 11 was a solemn day focused on remembering the 3,000 innocents that lost their lives… for a year or two. Then 9/11 became an annual opportunity for the media to remind us that Islam is the “religion of peace” and its adherents are not hellbent on destroying the West. It set a script rolled out every time a Muslim terror attack happens, from Paris to Orlando to Manchester.

MILO’s message on 9/11 is simple -- “ENOUGH.”
The statement we need to make together is that we are tired of Islam’s invasion of the West, and we clearly see the existential threat we face as a culture.

As a MILO fan, you’re aware of this threat, but it’s time to let the world know, and trigger a few snowflakes in the process!

The MILO Boutique specializes in triggering, so we’ve added two shirts to our lineup to mark September 11.
Before Guantanamo Bay became known for its expansive video game collection, comfortable facilities, and respect for the Koran, it was known for waterboarding. Join our call for Gitmo return to its roots with the “Guantanamo Bay Waterboard Instructor” shirt. Be careful, alpha testing of this shirt on campus resulted in enough liberal tears to waterboard ten men.
In the far distant past, and we mean before London was full of no-go zones and Paris became a Sharia-compliant city, the West had a capital in the East. The city of Constantinople fell to Islam in 1453 and became Istanbul. Perhaps as Islam claims the cities of Europe, it is time for us to reclaim a city from them? Vote with the “Reclaim Constantinople Squad” shirt, and one day MILO will be free to speak in Constantinople without glancing at every rooftop.

And beyond buying one of our new shirts, remember to set aside some time today to remember not only the innocent people who died on 9/11 as they traveled or began their workday, but also to remember the soldiers who have fought and died for their country. And never forget the governments that allow attack after attack to occur as they appease Islam at every step.
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